Christian Fish Premier Metal Auto Emblem – Lord Jesus Christ Religious



Christian Fish Emblem with Cross insert. True chrome-plated metal finish auto car truck 4×1 1/2″ emblem. Emblems can be applied to vehicle or any other hard surface with a special automotive adhesive foam 3M tape (included on emblem). Easy and long lasting attachment: lasts as long as you own your automobile; not affected by extreme weather or car washes. Paint-safe: emblem can be safely removed without damage to paint or surface if desired at any time and is UV protected.

Chrome-plated emblem is 4 x 1.5 inches with peel & stick foam adhesive – can be applied to any clean flat surface -vehicles, doors, mailboxes, glass, metal, etc.
Paint safe, with true chrome-plated metal finish; shiny emblem can be removed without damage to any surface
Emblem is designed to last for years – withstands hot, cold and car washes
Rejoice and share the message of the Lord every place you drive your car
Wonderful way to display your faith. Brand new, top quality product. Made in USA


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