Cobra Tuning LED Stop Sign Parking Assistant for Garage with Flashing Signal



Of all the signs in the world, the stop sign is arguably one of the most recognizable. Originally invented in Michigan in 1915, as a way to prevent collisions at intersections, and avoid an accident. The only traffic sign of boasting an octagonal shape, its current design allows it to be identified quickly and easily whether you are facing the writing or not. With that being said, it’s hard not to scratch or get a bump on your car while parking in your garage wall.

Well, this can be stopped with our easy to install Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System that works well in tight spaces and help do the trick. This Flashing LED Garage Stop Sign is a must have addition to any garage. In a situation where you have a small and tight spaced garage, getting bump or scratch while parking can’t be avoided. But, with the Bumper Sensor in the stop sign, it will notify you by flashing a warning when a vehicle gets too close. This will allow you to drive and park your car at a safe distance, even in a little light when you are unable to see.

Additional the Flashing LED Garage stop sign comes with a weighted base which keeps it from being knocked over or carried by the wind easily. The Flashing LED Stop Sign can also be adjusted to your perfect height and convenience, to flash lights to you, when you are parking in your driveway and garage. The flashlight LED garage sign is designed with a portable base, a flexible rod with red LED light on top that flashes when minimal contact is made with car bumper.

✓Perfect for tight spaces like your garage and driveway – The Flashing LED Stop Sign Aid Parking in a low light situation to prevent you from hitting your vehicle against Dents, Objects, and Scratches.
✓It has 2 X Alternative Flashing Eye-Catching Internal LED Light
✓It comes with 4 Sections which include; 2 Portable weighted bases that can be fixed together, flexible rod, flashing led light on. 2 AG-13 button-cell batteries (included).
✓Adjustable Pole for You Customize And It’s Easy To Assemble
✓Easy to Assemble and Disassemble; Portable for Usages Anywhere and adjustable up to 53 inches


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