NMC B1172Y Pipe Marker, “NATURAL GAS”, 9″ Width x 1″ Height, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, Black On Yellow (Pack of 25)

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Natural Gas Pipe Marker by National Marker Company is specifically designed and manufactured to indicate specific pipe content along with the direction of flow. The wrap-around pipe marker has a clear legend “Natural Gas” written in bold letters that helps to indicate the content of pipe. The pipe marker is manufactured using premium grade material that withstands extreme conditions without fading. The pipe marker is commonly used at flammable storage cabinet, fire stations, or chemical laboratories.

Pipe Marker: it is often used to indicate the essential information, specific pipe content and directional flow. The pipe marker helps to easily identity pipe contents to keep everyone informed
Material: it is made from vinyl with good adhesive properties. The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing helps in quick mounting on smooth, curved and irregular surfaces. The flexible sign delivers an efficient indoor/outdoor labeling performance
Visibility: the marker has easy to read legend “Natural Gas” written in bold letters. The text is clearly written that makes it easy to identify the content of pipe
Specification: the natural gas pipe marker features black text on yellow base. The marker measures 9 in. length and 1 in. height with maximum pipe outside diameter 2 in. and minimum pipe outside diameter is 1 ½ in. The character length is ¾ in.
Sign Muscle: this marker has NMC Sign Muscle coating to protect the text against fading, scratches, scuffing, mold, and moisture. The UV-cured, clear coating creates a strong bond and also boosts the color and clarity


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