Security Magnetic Signs – Size 4-1/2 x 14 (Set of Two Magnetic Signs) Great for Your car, Truck, Van, or Jeep.



(2) – 4-1/2 X 14″ SECURITY MAGNETIC SIGNS Get your custom look while alerting other drivers who you are. Commercial grade magnet material .03″ thick. Flexible Heavy Duty full magnetic backing. Great for your car, truck, or jeep. Special care needs to be taken to insure that the back of the magnetic material is clean. In the summer, direct sunlight heats the magnetic material and if the sign is not removed and cleaned periodically, the magnetic material can damage your paint. Simply wiping the back of your magnetic sign with a moist towel every couple weeks is all you need to do. We are not discouraging the use of magnetic signs. With proper care they are a great option for your business and will last a long time. Applying Flexible Magnet Before applying, test all inks and paints used on the magnet for adhesion and solvent compatibility. Affix to smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surfaces. Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface. Do not place over protrusions (molding, decals, pin striping, etc.) or concave areas. There must be NO air pockets. The magnet itself should be at a room temperature of 60°F (16°C) or above when installed to achieve best results. Do NOT use on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as automobile hoods), temperatures exceeding 160°F (71°C) or temperatures below -15°F (-26°C). Exposure to cold weather will make the magnet

.03 thick, flexible, heavy duty, full magnetic backing, easy to put on and remove.


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