Yacoto 3 Pcs Student Driver Car Magnet Safety Sign Vehicle Bumper Magnet – Reflective Vehicle Car Sign Sticker Bumper Drivers



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About the product:

The reflective student driver decal is crafted with black lettering that perfectly combined with a vibrant yellow background color which is so readable even a distance
By being noticeable to the nearby drivers will prevent accident for they will give you patience, respect and enough space to practice.
This high quality student driver car magnet is tested to last well pass the new driver stage. It can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle or to another metal surface as it is removable and reusable
Comes with 3 pack student driver stickers, perfect for each side and the rear. Reflective for added safety in low light or night time driving conditions.

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“Please Be Patient” Student Reflective New Driver Magnets


3 x reflective student driver sign, 9”x3.5”

” Student driver sign is a great way to protect your new driver by alerting other drivers to use caution when in close proximity to your vehicle.”

No need to worry about driving not skilled, just go on your way.


Long Lasting Reflective Magnet – This high quality student driver magnet for car will not fly off when driving like some of the others. Test to last well pass the new driver stage. The student driver magnets are made to last a lifetime. It can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle or to another metal surface as it is removable and reusable.
Striking Magnet Sign – The student driver sign is crafted with black lettering that perfectly combined with a vibrant yellow background color which is so readable even a distance. By being noticeable to the nearby drivers will prevent accident for they will give you patience, respect and enough space to practice.
Fully Reminding – There comes with 3 pack student driver sticker, perfect for each side and the rear. Reflective for added safety in low light or night time driving conditions.
Alleviate the Stress – The new driver magnet reduces your level of nervousness while getting experience on driving. These student driver magnet for car hint other motorists to stay away from you, thereby reducing tailgating and bothersome honking. You will have a better environment to focus on learning how to drive, without having to risk irritating other drivers.
Risk Free Guaranteed – Quality guarantee. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your magnetic student driver sign, simply let us know and you will be offered a FULL refund or replacement.


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